The Quake 2 Delphi project is has now officially closed,
But dont fret, welcome to the Quake3 Delphi project.

This project works on similar  rules as the previous one and is run by the guys at

You can get more information here.

Well, as you might have guessed this site is dedicated to converting the original Quake2 (version 3.21) Visual C source for Delphi.
The project is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

To take part in this project, you would first have to download the quake 2 source
and then go to our sister site,, and select one of the outstanding files to convert to pascal.

The conversion is done straight from the C source, one file at a time.

If you want a copy of the Quake 2 version 3.21 source, get it here.