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I have had a few people asking me to put up an "About Me" section. Well this is it !

Name : Jan Horn

Lets start with a brief history ...
My first experience with a computer was in 1985 on the old Atari computers playing with turtle graphics :). Then in about 1988 I discovered GWbasic on the IBM XT and that is where I started programming. By 1989 I moved onto Turbo Pascal 3.0.
After school I went to study mechanical engineering and then computer science at the University of the Witwaterrand in Johannesburg. While studying computer science I started playing with 3D graphics using Turbo Pascal 5.0. At that time you had to write your own line, triangle, quad and fill functions if you wanted to do any 3D graphics. After I left university Delphi got released and that was the natural next step after Turbo Pascal. Delphi was great for application development, but trying to do 3D graphics working in windows 3.1 using the GDI did not really work well.

I started doing OpenGL programming in July 2000, and then in December 2000 I found NeHe's site. That was what really got me programming in OpenGL. In March 2001 I put some of my projects up onto my home page and then in September 2001 I created the Sulaco website.

What am I doing now ? At the moment I am working for a webdesign company called Tinderbox where I do backend development for websites (ASP, Javascript, COM) and write some utils, mailers and installers for the company.

In my spare time (weekends and after work) I do some OpenGL development most of which appear on this site and then the occasional contract job some of which are due to this site. I try and spend some time relaxing, reading and playing volleyball.

I live just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa on a beautiful piece of property. There is 7kms of dirt roads to get to my place when we get heavy rains, the rivers flood and you are stuck there. If you want to see some photos of the house and the fantastic view, have a look at the photos section.

If you were wondering about the name "Sulaco" and where it came from ... I don't know what it means, but its the name of the spaceship in Alien 2. I just liked the name and decided to use it.

Well I guess that is about all I have to say for now. Maybe I will add some more info another day.


Name : Maarten "McCLaw" Kronberger

I started using computers at the age of 10 (1988),
Played all the games I could get my hands on, and got really bored really fast.
I then found the code for Gorillas and started editing this in GW Basic.
I also used commodore's and Atari's

After school I studied at Wits Technikon in South Africa, and finished my National Diploma in IT.
This is when I first came into contact with Delphi, VB, C and C++

I met Jan in 1999 when I started working for a company called Tinderbox, doing ASP, XML, PHP, SQL, DHTML, etc...
It was through Jan and this site that I learned OpenGL
Like him I also spend my spare time coding (mostly stuff for Sulaco but sometimes the odd contract comes my way).

When I'm not coding I play guitar or drums, do cage fighting, work on my race car or visit my girlfriend.(Not in any specific order) :D
I have always had this dream of starting up a South African Game Development Company and with every piece of code I write, I get a little bit closer to this goal.

I live on the outskirts of Centurion, Pretoria in a townhouse perfect for a bachelor. :D

I'm currently working for a company called Unitrans Motors, as a senior developer, where I mainly do c#.net development.

Here are some of the sites that I have created in the past.