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14 November 2006

Web design development and web hosting by sulaco web development  Sulaco Web Development

I can't believe I haven't updated Sulaco since July :eek:

The reason for this is that I have started my own web development company (Called Sulaco Web Development), and it has been taking up quite a bit of time.

Sulaco web dev specializes in Web Design, Development, windows hosting and linux hosting.

We have also recently started offering Search engine optimization and marketing  on top of our other offerings.

And have also recently finished a system to do bulkmail and email marketing for our clients.

Our latest offering is the FastSite Content management system built specifically for a personal website  or a  small to medium business website .

 SA Game Dev site gets a face lift.

Its been a long time coming, but sagamedev now has a new look and I must say it looks awesome!
Nicely node guys!

Click here to check out their new site.


17 July 2006

Loading 3ds files into Rage 3D game engine Tutorial 6 - Loading 3ds files into Rage 3D

The latest Rage 3D tutorial has been released!!

In this tutorial we show you how to load static and dynamic objects into the Rage 3D game engine.

The additional art for this tutorial was done by the latest member of our team Sascha "Sash" Pathe.

Welcome Dude!

To view the tutorial click here: Tutorial 6 - Loading 3ds files into Rage

The Binary and Art zip has also been updated with the latest art and Game DLL's


01 June 2006

Nitrogens website gets a face lift Nitrogen's website gets a new look

Michael Pote from nitrogen has informed me that he has updated his website with a new look!!

He has also added several new tutorials, projects and screenshots to the site.

Head over to Nitrogens opengl website to see what has changed


28 May 2006

Torture Tank Free Open source Game Two new tutorials for rage 3d game engine

Two new tutorials for the rage 3d game engine has just been released on the rage game engine subsite.

To view a list of the available tutorialsyou can go to this link:
rage game engine tutorials

Below is a list of the 2 new tutorials

Tutorial 4 - Simple Free Look Camera
Tutorial 5 - Adding a Lens Flare cvs update

Some of you might have noticed that the cvs repository for this project has been down for the last two weeks.

This is because the source forge team has upgraded their cvs to a newer version, and we now need a new cvs configuration to download the code.

you can go to the following page to see instructions on how to get the latest code from cvs.

Download Rage 3D Game engine


25 May 2006

Torture Tank Free Open source Game Torture tanks screen shots released

The big boss pascal game development contest is complete, and we are awaiting the results.

Our entry is called Torture Tanks.

So while we wait, I thought I'd post a few screen shots of the game.

You can find these here: Torture tanks screen shots

We are currently fixing some bugs in the game that we couldnt fix before the final game dealine, and once those are fixed, I will release the source code, and binary on this site.


09 February 2006

Torture Tank Free Open source GameFirst screenshots of Torture tank posted

The first screenshots of the our new game, called Torture Tank, has been posted on the rage game engine subsite.

This game is our entry into the pascal game development, big boss competition.

You can view these screen shots here


23 January 2006

RageGL alpha releaseThe latest Rage GL Binary is now online

The latest release of the RageGL binaries and supporting header files are now online in a zip file format.

You can find the download under the Rage 3D tutorials section.

This file will be updated as changes are made to the existing codebase, and new functions are added.

As some of you already know, me (developer), tux (developer), luuk (developer) and jan (designer) have entered the pascal game development, big boss competition.

This competition is turning out to be a great challenge, and lots of fun. The first stage (Planning) is already complete, and we have moved on to actually building the game for stage two. I will keep you posted on the latest developments on this as they occur.


10 January 2006

RageGL alpha releaseRageGL tutorials 1 to 3 online

The first installment of the Rage 3D game engine tutorials are now online.

You can find a list of all the tutorials here

Currently there are three basic tutorials on the site namely:

Tutorial 1 - Creating a Window
Tutorial 2 - Loading a Predefined Object (Cube)
Tutorial 3 - Adding a Skybox

Source code for the tutorials are available, but you will need to get the latest CVS code to have the correct headers and dll's

All the tutorials are also in cvs.

Happy new year

Its the start of a new year and the future looks bright!!
So happy new year to every one. May this year be better than any before it.


21 December 2005

RageGL alpha releaseRageGL alpha binary has been released on sourceforge

The first binary release of the Rage 3D engine has just become available on sourceforge.

This release includes an alpha version of the graphics engine, and a test bench application.

Please note that there is one visible bug in the blending that needs my attention.

To download the release click here

You can also find support information and interface specifications for RageGL.

All the source code for the engine is also available in the rage-engine cvs.

For information on setting up read only CVS access to the project click here


20 December 2005

Pascal Game development competition announced.

The pascal game development competition dates have been announced on Pascal game dev

The competition will run from the 15th of January 2006 to the 7th of May 2006.

For more info, or to ask questions see the forum post here .


13 December 2005

Berakah Quad biking weekend.

This past weekend we decided to test out the new quad trailer and go to the berakah eco trail  for an outride.

It turned out to be one of the best quad experiences we've have had in a long time!!

The quad track is layed out in such a way that everyone who gives it a try, will have a good time.

The obstacles are scary but fun, and for those with a weak heart there is always an alternative route.

Tacha spent most of the time behind the camera, so she isn't in any of the shots, but she went wherever I did :)

Read more + pictures

07 December 2005

Rage Game Engine, screen shots, code, open source

 Rage GL interface documentation has been updated.

The sections that have seen some changes are:

Camera Functions
Dynamic Object Functions
Environment Functions

Now I only need to finish the Material Functions and Static Object Functions section :)


04 December 2005

Rage Game Engine, screen shots, code, open source

 The Rage 3D game engine is now Open Source

For the last 2.5 years I have been working at a game development studio as lead on a game engine called Rage 3D written in Delphi.

The company decided that they where moving the focus to c++, so I resigned, and was given the opportunity to take the engine with me.

Rage 3D is now an Open Source engine on Sulaco, and will be distributed under the license on the RageGL Subsite

For a more indepth view of the engine click here

You can also view screenshots of the engine in action.

The source for the rage will be available in the next week or so on


15 November 2005

Quake 3, Quake 3 Delphi,Redbook Tutorials,3D, OpenGL, Tutorials, Borland Delphi,Forum,Bulletin Board.

 Another hobby

I recently bought these two quads, and decided that I might aswell create a website to go with them :)

For those of you that are interested click here

On the game development front :

Work on RageGL is progessing at a slow but steady pace, and is the main reason for the lack of updates on sulaco.

We are currently testing our GLSL cradle, and will move onto the OH SO loooong buglist after that.


06 September 2005

Quake 3, Quake 3 Delphi,Redbook Tutorials,3D, OpenGL, Tutorials, Borland Delphi,Forum,Bulletin Board.

 Quake 3 Delphi Project started

The Quake 2 Delphi project is has now officially closed,
But dont fret, welcome to the Quake3 Delphi project.

This project works on similar  rules as the previous one and is run by the guys at

You can get more information here.

I hope to see all the guys from the old project working on the new one :)

I would also like to thank you guys for your dedication and hard work.


07 March 2005

Tangent Bumpmap,Dynamic Cube Mapping,GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP ,Redbook Tutorials,3D, OpenGL, Tutorials, Borland Delphi,Forum,Bulletin Board.

 Søren Dreijer (Halloko) Bump mapping updated

Halloko has informed me that He has updated his bumpmapping tutorial with some bugfixes.

eg: Light is now being calculated correctly, and normalized.
Code now handles triangles also.

Watch this space for the delphi port that includes the bugfixes and additions.

Head over to his site and have a look


03 January 2005

Tangent Bumpmap,Dynamic Cube Mapping,GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP ,Redbook Tutorials,3D, OpenGL, Tutorials, Borland Delphi,Forum,Bulletin Board.

 Updates On Nitrogen's site

Nitrogen has just updated his site with two new projects called:

Diablo 2 Character Resurrector and
Sims Package Explorer

Head over to his site and have a look


21 December 2004

Tangent Bumpmap,Dynamic Cube Mapping,GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP ,Redbook Tutorials,3D, OpenGL, Tutorials, Borland Delphi,Forum,Bulletin Board.

 Tangent Bumpmapping using nVidia's Cg

It has been a while since my last update, the game seems to be taking up most of my free time at the moment, but is progressing nicely.

This project shows how to use Cg to implement Tangent Space Bump mapping on models.

The current version only handles Quads, but with a little sweat, you can easily Generate the right matrices for Triangles also.

The original c++ version done by Søren Dreijer (Halloko) can be found at Thanx for all your help dude :)

This Code also uses the VectorGeometry.pas unit from

Please note: I have included all the relevant units, and dll's, but its always a good idea to look at the originating sites to get the latest versions


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