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These are some of the better photos I have taken with my Fuji FinePix 2400 digital camera. Click on the thumbnails for the bigger picture.

The photos on the site are all 800x600 and I try and keep them around 30kb. If you want a 1600x1200 BMP instead of the JPG, let me know.

Hover your mouse over the image for a description.

Sunset at home Sunset Clouds at home Sunset Clouds at home Sunset Clouds at home
Another sunset after the rain Our house. The place where I stay Our house. The place where I stay Tolken. Family Rottweiler
Closeup of a new frond on a fern Some flowers in the garden A rose with an insect on it A bug on a Flower

Below are three photos that I took using my digital camera and placing the lens on the eyepiece of my telescope. The telescope I used is a Meade DS-114EC. My camera is an automatic camera so I couldnt keep the shutter open, but fortunately the moon was bright enough for it to work.
Moon with clear craters Moon at low resolution Moon at higher resolution Zoomed in view of lower region

For more information about and pictures of South Africa please visit Guide South Africa