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Here is a list of my favorite sites, most of which I visit on a daily basis.

Tech News Sites
Toms Hardware All the latest hardware information, reviews and benchmarks.
NT Compatible Mainly NT related topics, forums, application updates and service packs.
Anand Tech Tech news, product review, benchmarks and lots more ...
Sharkey Extreme Tech news, product review, benchmarks and lots more ...

OpenGL and Game Development
A new up and coming South African OpenGL website.
A must for all Developers. Lots of industry news, coding tips and articles and developers forums.
The best place to learn OpenGL. Great tutorials and lots of other OpenGL links.
Game development news as well as some very good Programming forums.
Game and Demo development. Updates on the latest demo scene happenings.
GameTutorials offers quite a few tutorials on some game programming topics as well as source code to a number of applications.
OpenGL & DirectX demos, examples and tutorials.
The aim of this site is to provide documentation and tutorials for the use and implementation of GLScene and OpenGL for the Delphi / GLScene community.
Paul's Projects OpenGL and DirectX Demos and tutorials using many of the newer Extentions
Pzeta OpenGL Directory Ever growing OpenGL directory with links to game development, books, tutorials and more!

South African Game Development
Black Gryphon Entertainment is a new South African Game Development company developing for the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre.
I-Imagine Interactive, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the first licensed games developer on the African continent.
South Africas biggest resourse for any game related information.
Sentient Dreams is one of the first independent game developers in South Africa and one of only three or four active developers, making them proud to be part of the initiative to grow game development in South Africa.
Developer of games for many mobile platforms including Pocket PC, Smartphone and Palm OS
Another indie developer with three titles out on the net already.

Delphi and OpenGL sites
DGL Community A great German Delphi OpenGL community. English Version
A Map / Scene editor written exclusively in Delphi
A site dedicated to createing a VM Written in Delphi, the project uses quite a lot of code found on this site. :)
This site's main purpose is developing a 3D OpenGL desktop for windows
Turbo Mainly A delphi news site that gets updated daily. Also some forums and articles.
A delphi game development website. Lots of articles and daily news updates. Site also covers DirectX
Nitrogen Another Delphi opengl site with some really cool projects all with full source code.
Delphi3D Another good delphi site with full source projects usually dealing with the latest OpenGL commands and extensions.
Extreme Insanity Another great Delphi site using OpenGL.
Rasterized A new site dealing with OpenGL development using delphi.
Shadow3D An english and german site for OpenGL and delphi
Biohazard A New and upcoming Delphi OpenGL site.

Other Delphi Sites
Torrys Delphi Pages Probably the most comprehensive list of components and utilities
Delphi Super Page Updates weekly with new Delphi components.
Site with Open source Delphi development and conversion of C libraries. The Delphi Graphics section has the latest DirectX and OpenGL header conversions so that you can use them in your applications.
About Delphi Lots of articles, tips and apps with source code. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

Friend's Sites
We strive to act as a medium of communication to all involved in aviation, be it the aviation nut sitting at home, or fighter pilots or even businesses involved in aviation
RisC Com is a competitive web-development company, supplying a wide range of Internet solutions to the corporate market. is the ultimate resource about programming, computing and just about anything involved in Information Technology.
Hotels and food in South Africa Hotels and food in South Africa - Information on Hotels, the Hospitality industry, food, and food preperation in South Africa

Obviously there are many more. I just selected my favorites in each category.