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 6 June 2002 18:30
In Loving memory of Jan Horn,

Jan Horn passed away 06 June 2002. He was traveling home from work in the evening when he was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle. Jan had an amazing passion for life. He lived on a farm with his parents near Fourways. He had a keen interest in astronomy and was an enthusiastic member of SETI@home, making sure as many work machines as possible contributed to it. He was a member of MENSA and contributed immensely to the Delphi OpenGL community. Friends and family alike will miss him dearly.

"We have been flooded by email messages from all over the world wanting to know, and talking about our son Jan, who died in a tragic motorcar accident on Thursday 6 June. We are totally overwhelmed by the size of the global family with which Jan shared his passion on the net. We feel that the OpenGL programmes that Jan worked with was more than just programming. It also stands for Jan's passion and belief that knowledge SHOULD be open to all. Through the net we can transcend barriers of race, religion and geographical borders. It is through the net that he touched many people and in turn you touched him.

We want to thank you all for being part of Janís passion. You have become part of our family. Our personal email is Please feel free to chat and if you are ever in South Africa do visit us on our farm near Johannesburg where Jan grew up.

From Jan snr., his mother Jeanette and his brothers Murray and Brett"

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