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 1 April 2002
Ever wanted to have OpenGL running in a browser ? Now you can using an ActiveX control and a MS IE browser. The ActiveX control renders the OpenGL scene to itself. This means that you can have an OpenGL scene in a browser that can respond to keystrokes and mouse events. To see how to add those, read the readme.txt in the .zip file.
To see it in action, take a look at this page.

Your browser's security settings might prevent you from downloading the ActiveX controls. Just tell it to prompt you on ActiveX downloads and allow this one to run. It a 171KB download.

I have added a opengl page 5 to the opengl section of the site. Its not a new collection of projects, its just that the pages were taking a long time to display, so I reduced the number of porjects per page and added a new page.

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