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 2 January 2002
Sin Wave Scrolling Text,Redbook Tutorials,3D, OpenGL, Tutorials, Borland Delphi,Forum,eyetea,Bulletin Board.OK ... here is an idea I have been thinking about of over the last few days. Please let me know what you think by voting below.

As you probably already know, John Carmack released the source code for Quake II. What I was thinking of was to create a site where anyone on the net can convert the units to pascal/delphi code and submit it to the site. The conversion will be one file at a time. There will be a checkout/checkin process to prevent duplication of work and a forum where people can discuss aspects of it or problems they encounter.

This will mean that at the end of the day we have a really cool 3D engine written in Delphi. If you are not interested in the engine, there is still the BSP loading code, Quake 2 model loading code and other code like multiplayer over the internet. There are lots of useful bits of code that I am sure lots of Delphi programmers would like to use.

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