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WinAMP Visualization Plugin 9 August 2001
Description : This is a basic winamp plugin that uses OpenGL to render 3D VU meters. The program serves more as a template for your winamp plugins.

To help explain what all the data structures and functions are for I have created a winamp visualization plugin tutorial.

This plugin also uses keystrokes to perform some winamp functions. Up and down arrow controls the volume. Left loads the previous song and right loads the next song in the playlist.
Download : 166 KB (DLL and Source)
Perma Link: WinAMP visualization plugin

AVI Video textures 29 July 2001
Description : This project uses AVI video clips as textures for the objects. The AVI is loaded as a stream and each frame is extracted and made into a BMP. The BMP data is then copied into the texture data and the texture is updated.

There are two projects in this .ZIP file. The first is a simple rotating cube. You can use your arrow keys to change the rotation of the cube.

The second project is based on an earlier project. Here the texture / video clip image is warped while its playing.

For the second project, use your mouse to move the warp effect and the following keys :
- Space : Toggles between Lens and Twist
- Keypad "+/-" : Increases/Decreases the Effect of the lens/twist
- Up/Down Arrow : Increases/Decreases the Radius of the lens/twist
Download : 280 KB (EXE and Source)
Perma Link: AVI video textures

Terrain generation using heightmaps 23 July 2001
Description : This is a very basic landscape which uses a heightmap to generate the landscape. It based on a tutorial from NeHe productions that I translated to Delphi and added the colors and contour lines to emphasize the shape of the landscape.

Use your arrow keys to move closer and further away.
Download : 167 KB (EXE and Source)
Perma Link: Terrain generation using heightmaps

Stencil Buffers 9 July 2001
Description : I have added three examples to demonstrate some uses of the stencil buffer.

- Stencil 1 : First draws a square in the stencil buffer. The a wireframe knot is drawn in that mask, so it only appears in the square. The same knot is drawn filled on the scene where the stencil mask dot not appear.
- Stencil 2 : Same as above, but it renders the knot in the square area.
- Stencil 3 : Same idea, but here the knot is the mask that is created in the stencil buffer and the textured square is then drawn on that mask.

Move your mouse around to move the "view window" in Stencil 1 and 2
Download : 112 KB (EXE and Source)
Perma Link: Stencil buffers

SAGameDev Demo 2 July 2001
Description : This is my entry to the SAGameDev Demo competition. The Demo rules were that source and binary had to be less than 1MB.

Download : 453 KB (Demo EXE)
Download : 259 KB (Demo Source)
Perma Link: SAGameDev demo

Racing Tunnel 18 June 2001
Description : All demos have a wormhole/tunnel effect, so naturally I had to make my own version. This is a winding twisting tunnel and you are racing through it with your car.

Keys :
- Up/Down Arrow : Increases/Decreases the Speed of the tunnel
Download : 59 KB (EXE and Source)
Perma Link: Racing tunnel

Lens and Twist Effect 12 June 2001
Description : This is a basic lens effect that enlarges the image in the region of the lens. Then there is also a twist effect that twists the image in a certain radius.

While playing around, turn off the textures and have a look at the wireframe image to see what actually happens. Press "T" to toggle textures/wireframe.

Keys :
- Space : Toggles between Lens and Twist
- "T" : Toggles between Textured and wireframe image
- Keypad "+/-" : Increases/Decreases the Effect of the lens/twist
- Up/Down Arrow : Increases/Decreases the Radius of the lens/twist

Move your mouse around to see the effect of the lens/twist of different parts of the screen.
Download : 152 KB (EXE and Source)
Perma Link: Lens and twist effect

Tinderbox Websites Tunnel 26 May 2001
Description : I was trying to think of a use for GL picking besides the obvious, a menu. I then came up with the idea for this program. Its a tunnel that scrolls some of the websites past that Tinderbox (the company that I work for) has created. When you click on the browser image, the website is launched.

Keys : Use the arrow keys to adjust the speed of the sliding browsers.
Download : 380 KB (EXE and Source)
Perma Link: Tinderbox websites tunnel

Wavefront .OBJ Model Loader 14 May 2001
Description : This is the basic application template with the source code to load Alias Wavefront .OBJ models as well as the model material properties. At the moment I have commented out the code for loading textures because there are multiple formats and I only have support for BMP and JPG.

At the moment the code also only reads files with #13#10 line separators.

If anyone adds extra features to the base code, please let me know so that I can update it here.
Download : 96 KB (EXE and Source)
Perma Link: Wavefront .OBJ model loader

Runtime Textures 1 May 2001
Description : Textures dont have to be loaded from file, they can be created at runtime. All the effects on Corel and photoshop are created at runtime, so why not create you textures that way.

This program does exactly that. A really good thing about creating your textures at runtime is that you end up with a small application at the end of the day. Using some of the ideas in the demo you can manipulate normal textures at runtime. eg. Warp, Emboss, blurr.

- "M" to switch beteen Mandelbrot and IFS Fractal texture.
- "C" to enable copying pixel data from one texture to another

Still think you cant do much with it ? Have a look at fr-08 (.the Product). Its a 64KB demo with music that creates all of its textures at runtime. Excellent demo.
Download : 37 KB (EXE and Source)   (Including Delphi 2 Source)
Perma Link: Runtime textures

Blending Colors 22 Apr 2001
Description : This program creates the look of a plasma effect using multiple layers of images blended with each other. Adding more layers adds to the "plasma" effect.

- "T" : Select the next texture.
- "B" : Enable/Disable the bacground.
- "+" : Increase the number of layers.
- "-" : Decrease the number of layers.
Download : 170 KB (EXE and Source)  (Including Delphi 2 Source)
Perma Link: Blending colors

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