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Pocket Watch 29 January 2002
Description : OpenGL, Development, 3D, Source Code, GameThis program started out as a program to show some gears and how they interact.
The final app has some transparent surfaces, spherical environment mapping, lighting and a few other features all thrown into one :)

Press 'C' to remove the watch case and 'F' to remove the watch face and then you can see the gears in action. The gears do turn a bit faster than the dials, but running them at the correct speed was boring :)

To control the object you can click and drag with your mouse.

Mouse :
Left Button : Rotate object.
Right Button : Zoom object.
Middle Button : Move object.

Keys :
W : Toggle wireframe mode
C : Show/Hide the watch case
F : Show/Hide the watch face
L : Toggle lighting
Download : 336 KB (EXE and Source)

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